one of my favorite things, as a mid-westerner, are the flowers that progressively bloom throughout the spring, summer, and fall. i was fortunate enough to be born into a family that knew the kinds of flowers, when they bloomed, and what type of shade or sun they took. this hasn’t helped me at all in life, but i feel as though i know a lot more than the average non-green thumber.

along with flowers, comes fruits and veggies also. when i recently visited california, they were able to get fresh picked strawberries as soon as february, but not here in grand rapids, mi. we have to wait until june, july is cherries and raspberries, august is blueberries. these fruits determine what month it is in my parent’s home.

but some things do not grow because we plant them there. sometimes they just sprout up unannounced and take us by surprise. these would be wildflowers. they come out in the most unexpected and are just as beautiful as a peony or rose. i love them because you never know when you might find yourself among them. they make everything around them more beautiful, which in turn makes them more beautiful.


while attending a pampered chef party tonight, held by my roommate, i realized, who doesn’t love talking, looking, smelling, and enjoying food? food brings us all together through the love and comfort of it and people agree on it. there are so many wonderful things about food that makes us all a little bit happier.

during the summertime, i love to try fresh new recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies. because i live in a farmer’s town, it is basically always a farmer’s market. fruits and veggies are always readily available and prepared to jump into my meals. all of the parties and picnics that i attend are perfect times to try these new recipes and tastes.

currently, i cannot wait to make a recipe from Woman’s Day:

Raspberry-Lime Cake Recipe

Raspberry-Lime Cake RecipePhoto: Antonis Achilleos


  • 1 box (3.4 oz) instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 cup reduced-fat sour cream
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 store-bought 8-in. angel food cake
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 Tbsp raspberry preserves
  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 1 T bsp lime juice
  • Garnish: grated lime zest and raspberries, optional

i love raspberries, cake, and pudding. this recipe looks absolutely delish! instead of frosting though, i’m going to use cool whip for the top of the cake.

i also can’t wait to make specialty popsicles, gorgeous fruit pizzas, and fresh salads. i love summer and food and enjoying all of these things together.

hello! i know it’s been awhile, but i’m back. for good.

i am, by no means, what the title of this post says i am. yet my best friend, kendra, bestowed that name to me last night amidst our crafting creations. both of us enjoy a challenge and one of kendra’s is sewing. she is amazing, talented, and brilliant, but i don’t know when the last time she saw a sewing machine was. 7th grade home ec? so when she wanted to turn this mumu dress: into a presentable skirt she could wear to artprize (a very cool art showing downtown g.r. that kendra is volunteering in this summer).

i was working on a skirt, that at the present time, fit like a dress.there were messes and fun had last night, but the overwhelming factor was that a challenge met with determination usually wins with a small battle. i know that i can get very discouraged by things not going correctly, but neither kendra nor i gave up last night and we both ended up with successes. kendra has a new tiger skirt, tiger pillow, and pajama shorts. i have a new skirt and a pair of shorts for the fourth of july. i also got to help a friend become her own sewing guru goddess. and that is definitely the best part.


this… and 


it is the weekend at last. may you count your blessings, smile at strangers, drink white wine, laugh at yourself, and inspire someone. dream dreams bigger than reality. remember that people love you. giggle at memories. dance in your living room. and do something you never thought you’d ever do.

love, ang

have you ever seen an article of clothing that was so beautiful that you wanted to scream out the window and tell the wearer? 

i had that this weekend. 

i was galavanting around my beautiful grand rapids and this girl had on the most gorgeous pair of boots. they were gray suede and silver, in thick strips, knee-high boots. i wish they were in maroon and on my feet right now! 

if only i could go back to saturday night and just ask her through the window where she got those magical boots…

so here’s your opportunity: if you see someone who is gorgeous, wearing something gorgeous, or just needs a lift, tell them about it. they’ll feel better, you’ll feel better, and the world will be a little bit happier.

i wish i had:

a birdie,

blue nails and a cigarette,

my long wavy brown hair.

goodnight my loves, ang

personally, i think the people around us and those who have grown with us along our journeys have a lot to do with who we are and what we are doing. i know that my best friends, my sister, and the “adults” in my life have had a lot to do with the inspiration and dreams i have. 

every week, i’m going to do a bio on one of the people that have influenced me in many different ways. this first one is about the girl who not only inspires me every day through her words, wardrobe, and being, but also inspired me to start this blog. 

her name is kendra and here is why she is so incredible:

credit: hanna b.



“I feel like this is very ambiguous and I like it. If by name you mean name your favorite food then I say margherita pizza with gouda cheese, if you mean name your future pet I say falafel, if you mean one man you would marry right this second I say Charlie Fink.

If you meant my name, it is Kendra Therese Shirey, but you already knew that.

I’m assuming you meant names of my future children and to this I say Charlie Danger. Yes, I said Danger. Not sure if I’m gutsy enough to do that, but it’s a thought. And if by some godforsaken mistake I have a girl, I vote for Alice Therese or Rose Therese. Maybe Vivienne. Who knows? I WILL have a boy child.”

college? field of study? major?

“Art & Public Life at MSU’s Residential College in the Arts & Humanities… I sit in circles and discuss ideas, paint watercolor pictures, build pinhole cameras and giggle at my hippie teachers all day.”

place of occupation?

“Intern at the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Here’s my blog about my adventures: Also, I have a far less interesting job where people wear lab coats and scowl and I answer the phone and try to smile.”

favorite songs?

“‘The Rebels’ by the Cranberries, ‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star, ‘Hold On, Hold On’ by Neko Case, ‘Acid Tongue’ [by Jenny Lewis]”

favorite band?

 favorite lyric?

“Maybe you should kiss someone nice, or lick a rock or both” in “Ghost of Corporate Future” by Regina Spektor.

favorite color?

"I like colors you can smell"


favorite websites and stores?, tastespotting,, poppytalk handmade market, sleeptrip, etsy, shopruche, urban outfitters, fair trade store in east lansing, kirabo, and orchid lane in ann arbor.

working on a project?

“Patching/making over my convertible mitten/gloves to cover the cigarette burns on the flaps. They’re hot pink and I’ve had them since I was 15. They’re awesome.”

next purchase will be?

this or...




currently obsessed with…

“Tattoos. Contemplating one for the first time ever! Learning how to play the guitar. Goal is to be singing Acid Tongue at an open mike by next semester. Cute deer. My new camera.”

credit: trisha


if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Portland! Reasons: Huge DIY movement, best farmers markets in the country, amazing vintage and shopping scene, incredible music and restaurants, #1 green city in America.”

*author’s note: you can only go if you take me with you*

what is your dream?

“I want to own a cute lil’ store or cafe that holds community events and has a lot of love in it. If I could somehow adopt a really rad talent like songwriting or fantastic knitting skills or furniture refurbishing, then I’d have an Etsy shop or a booth at all the local craft fairs or a band and the just live my life with my friends and my animals and live in a really cute house and be so happy all the time.”

these are all the reasons i love kendra and there are many more. it is easy to see why she inspires me so much. 

love, ang

the sun is shining. the air is fresh. there are birds singing and i am too! it certainly is a beautiful day and it makes me believe that spring may just be around the corner. the sad part is that it is only january 20th—not exactly march 20th!

i’m ready to see flowers and grass and trees blooming. i’m ready for shorts and skirts and dresses without tights underneath them (although, tights are my favorite). i’m ready for sunshine, breezes, and butterflies. but until then, images like these will have to tide me over…

cred: fern


tomorrow i’m going to get my fabric to start my spring dresses! i’ll upload pictures of the choices…

love, ang

being a full-time college student and working 25 hours a week, i don’t have a lot of time or money for shopping. i usually get my fix from perusing online websites such as,, and for possible outfit combinations. i love to dream about things that i could put together if i had a $1,000,000 to spend and spend and spend! 

here is the outfit that i wish i could wear to work tomorrow while still following the strict dress code:

thanks for this beautiful outfit! i am loving turquoise right now and mixing a bright color with black and white is what i normally do. design tights are very in right now– they are sexy but they cover the leg too!

i need some inspiration to start my newest project. it is time to make some springy new outfits! 

love, ang


i love crafts, sewing, reading, learning, singing, laughing, smiling, drawing, knitting, watching non-educational tv, baking, drinking coffee, dressing up, and dancing.

i have the best of friends.

i live with beautiful and funny people.

i have two amazing siblings and supportive parents.

i have big dreams.

favorite color: purple

favorite song: hey jude by the beatles

favorite band at the moment: lady gaga

favorite outfit: boots, tights, dress, cardigan, belt

this is me…

love, ang

one of my favorite shops these days is there are so many different things that can be bought and i especially love that i have the power to choose some of the apparel that is put up on the website for sale! 

here are some of my favorites at the moment:

i love the combination of colors... it makes me want to go to greece.

tea party anyone?

gorgeous neckline on anyone

this is one we get to vote on. please do!

i am very excited for florals this spring. modcloth is showing a lot of them right now. they sure are gooorgeous.

i am about to start on a new dress with a full floral bottom. i’ll post pictures when i’m done!

love, ang