have you ever seen an article of clothing that was so beautiful that you wanted to scream out the window and tell the wearer? 

i had that this weekend. 

i was galavanting around my beautiful grand rapids and this girl had on the most gorgeous pair of boots. they were gray suede and silver, in thick strips, knee-high boots. i wish they were in maroon and on my feet right now! 

if only i could go back to saturday night and just ask her through the window where she got those magical boots…

so here’s your opportunity: if you see someone who is gorgeous, wearing something gorgeous, or just needs a lift, tell them about it. they’ll feel better, you’ll feel better, and the world will be a little bit happier.

i wish i had:

a birdie,

blue nails and a cigarette,

my long wavy brown hair.

goodnight my loves, ang