one of my favorite things, as a mid-westerner, are the flowers that progressively bloom throughout the spring, summer, and fall. i was fortunate enough to be born into a family that knew the kinds of flowers, when they bloomed, and what type of shade or sun they took. this hasn’t helped me at all in life, but i feel as though i know a lot more than the average non-green thumber.

along with flowers, comes fruits and veggies also. when i recently visited california, they were able to get fresh picked strawberries as soon as february, but not here in grand rapids, mi. we have to wait until june, july is cherries and raspberries, august is blueberries. these fruits determine what month it is in my parent’s home.

but some things do not grow because we plant them there. sometimes they just sprout up unannounced and take us by surprise. these would be wildflowers. they come out in the most unexpected and are just as beautiful as a peony or rose. i love them because you never know when you might find yourself among them. they make everything around them more beautiful, which in turn makes them more beautiful.