hello! i know it’s been awhile, but i’m back. for good.

i am, by no means, what the title of this post says i am. yet my best friend, kendra, bestowed that name to me last night amidst our crafting creations. both of us enjoy a challenge and one of kendra’s is sewing. she is amazing, talented, and brilliant, but i don’t know when the last time she saw a sewing machine was. 7th grade home ec? so when she wanted to turn this mumu dress: into a presentable skirt she could wear to artprize (a very cool art showing downtown g.r. that kendra is volunteering in this summer).

i was working on a skirt, that at the present time, fit like a dress.there were messes and fun had last night, but the overwhelming factor was that a challenge met with determination usually wins with a small battle. i know that i can get very discouraged by things not going correctly, but neither kendra nor i gave up last night and we both ended up with successes. kendra has a new tiger skirt, tiger pillow, and pajama shorts. i have a new skirt and a pair of shorts for the fourth of july. i also got to help a friend become her own sewing guru goddess. and that is definitely the best part.