on cloudy days such as today, it can be hard to find your inspiration and desire to do anything other than nap in your cozy bed. i know i suffer with this problem sometimes! here are a few ideas to jumpstart your imagination…

1- learn how to knit, or if you already know how, knit a scarf for a friend!

2- rearrange your room- often when i rearrange my room i find new ideas and old things that could become new projects and it just makes me want to make my living area more beautiful

3- decoupage something. it instantly makes something old look new, spectacular, and unique

i wish my weather outside looked like this!

went to field’s fabric today and got some new patterns. can’t wait to see what i come up with!

love, ang


tonight i am having a party. a lovely party with lovely friends. will you come?

when the week comes to an end and it is time to relax, i often like to listen to some musica. here is the soundtrack of the weekend:

1. smoke detector by rilo kiley

2. mary jane’s last dance by tom petty

3. weekend warriors by a change of pace

4. tik tok by ke$ha

5. slow motion by juvenile

6. acid tongue by jenny lewis

7. thousand miles by vanessa carlton

8. crazy by gnarls barkley

9. give it up to me by shakira and lil’ wayne

10. paper planes by m.i.a.

11. bad romance by lady gaga

12. pour some sugar on me by def leopard

13. black cat by mayday parade

14. honky tonk by trace atkins

15. get crazy by lmfao


i hope you all have nights that you won’t ever forget. if you listen to one of these songs or hear one, let me know!

love, ang

hello everyone! i’m a young gal just trying to make her mark on the fashion world. there are things that i love which include my friends, family, having fun, working, laughing, and learning. 

downtown at art festival.

tomorrow i will have another post with my favorite tunes and looks at the moment.


❤ ang