personally, i think the people around us and those who have grown with us along our journeys have a lot to do with who we are and what we are doing. i know that my best friends, my sister, and the “adults” in my life have had a lot to do with the inspiration and dreams i have. 

every week, i’m going to do a bio on one of the people that have influenced me in many different ways. this first one is about the girl who not only inspires me every day through her words, wardrobe, and being, but also inspired me to start this blog. 

her name is kendra and here is why she is so incredible:

credit: hanna b.



“I feel like this is very ambiguous and I like it. If by name you mean name your favorite food then I say margherita pizza with gouda cheese, if you mean name your future pet I say falafel, if you mean one man you would marry right this second I say Charlie Fink.

If you meant my name, it is Kendra Therese Shirey, but you already knew that.

I’m assuming you meant names of my future children and to this I say Charlie Danger. Yes, I said Danger. Not sure if I’m gutsy enough to do that, but it’s a thought. And if by some godforsaken mistake I have a girl, I vote for Alice Therese or Rose Therese. Maybe Vivienne. Who knows? I WILL have a boy child.”

college? field of study? major?

“Art & Public Life at MSU’s Residential College in the Arts & Humanities… I sit in circles and discuss ideas, paint watercolor pictures, build pinhole cameras and giggle at my hippie teachers all day.”

place of occupation?

“Intern at the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Here’s my blog about my adventures: Also, I have a far less interesting job where people wear lab coats and scowl and I answer the phone and try to smile.”

favorite songs?

“‘The Rebels’ by the Cranberries, ‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star, ‘Hold On, Hold On’ by Neko Case, ‘Acid Tongue’ [by Jenny Lewis]”

favorite band?

 favorite lyric?

“Maybe you should kiss someone nice, or lick a rock or both” in “Ghost of Corporate Future” by Regina Spektor.

favorite color?

"I like colors you can smell"


favorite websites and stores?, tastespotting,, poppytalk handmade market, sleeptrip, etsy, shopruche, urban outfitters, fair trade store in east lansing, kirabo, and orchid lane in ann arbor.

working on a project?

“Patching/making over my convertible mitten/gloves to cover the cigarette burns on the flaps. They’re hot pink and I’ve had them since I was 15. They’re awesome.”

next purchase will be?

this or...




currently obsessed with…

“Tattoos. Contemplating one for the first time ever! Learning how to play the guitar. Goal is to be singing Acid Tongue at an open mike by next semester. Cute deer. My new camera.”

credit: trisha


if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Portland! Reasons: Huge DIY movement, best farmers markets in the country, amazing vintage and shopping scene, incredible music and restaurants, #1 green city in America.”

*author’s note: you can only go if you take me with you*

what is your dream?

“I want to own a cute lil’ store or cafe that holds community events and has a lot of love in it. If I could somehow adopt a really rad talent like songwriting or fantastic knitting skills or furniture refurbishing, then I’d have an Etsy shop or a booth at all the local craft fairs or a band and the just live my life with my friends and my animals and live in a really cute house and be so happy all the time.”

these are all the reasons i love kendra and there are many more. it is easy to see why she inspires me so much. 

love, ang